Event tents

Event tents are the right choice for organizing all types of events. We offer a wide range of tents of different shapes and sizes. Inpro event tents are, together with KlimaRent air-conditioning system, a perfect choice for fairs, sports and VIP events, weddings, concerts, meetings and other special events.

Advantages of Inpro's event tents:

- fast and easy construstion and deconstruction
- possibility of short term or long term rent
- available option of renting heating or air conditioning systems or any additional equipment needed

Large tents

Large tents come in diffrent sizes; length up to 60,00 m and width varies from 10 m to 25 m. Large tents are manufactured for a variety of diffrent uses, depending mostly on the customer's imagination (parties, concerts, buissnes meetings…)

Wedding tents


Additional equipment

Depending on the customer's demands we can provide with any additional equipment needed in order to allow your event to succeed in the best possible manner (examples: wooden podiums, carpets, chairs, tables, …)

Refrigeration and heating

As specialists in the field of energetics and room design we can provide you with KlimaRent heating and air conditioning for unhindered progress of your event. We offer you a variety of heating and air conditioning machines with different heating/cooling power.

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