Air conditioners for industry

VRF systems

VRF (variable cooling medium flow system) is specially designed to be energy-efficient, easy to install and provide high performance, while at the same time offering a wide range of external and internal designs and unique features that meet even the most demanding conditions in major industrial facilities.

Rooftop package units

Rooftop units enable energy and cost-effective control of the microclimate throughout the year. It is a system of air-conditioning, heating and ventilation, whereby fresh and purified air is supplied with the help of carefully selected diffusers for air inlet. With fresh air inlet and overpressure, the dirty and hot air from the facility can be effectively pushed out. This means less required air conditioning units than for cooling with circulating air.

Evaporative units

Evaporative cooling is a method of cooling where the hot outer air passes through evaporative filter drenched in cold water, thereby losing some of its heat and gaining moisture, wherein the air is cleaned. In this case, a part of the water evaporates from the evaporation filter. Evaporative cooling takes place without additional energy input. Air conditioning systems with evaporative cooling further reduce the cost of cooling the building.

Advantages of evaporative cooling

  • Fast and easy installation.
  • The air itself is not dried or overcooled which is benefiting for your health.
  • Only uses water and electricity as its supplies and is therefore cost effiecnt.
  • Low price in contrast to the high efficiency it provides

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