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Air heaters

Air heaters are extremely easy to use and can be moved when needed and are therefore just right for immediate heating of a certain area. They are suitable for internal or external use on construction sites, in workshops, glasshouses and stables, as well as in temporary facilities such as event tents. Electric, gas and oil models with direct or indirect combustion are available.

IR panels

IR Panels are intended primarily for the heating of industrial, agricultural facilities and storage facilities. These high temperature panels have high radiation output and high surface temperature, so they can be used in every room with ceiling height from 3.5 m to 10 m.

They are made of steel sheet, but they can be resistant to corrosion, and aluminum blades are inserted into a steel casing. The surface of the lamella is treated with a special electrochemical surface treatment (Silicating). This technology provides a completely incomparable emissivity value on the surface of the radiation.

Depending on the power of the panel they can have one, two or three blades. A single-lamell model can be used only for a voltage of up to 240V, while models with two or three lamellas can be connected to a voltage ranging from 240 to 400V.

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