Photovoltaics / Solar power plants

Harness the power of light with a solar power plant

Spend the money you spend on electricity on installing your own solar power plant on the roof of your house and generate your own free electricity from the sun.

Photovoltaics is the process of converting solar energy directly into electricity. The conversion process is clean, reliable and needs only light as the only source of energy. To convert solar energy into electricity, photovoltaic modules are used. The production of electricity from photovoltaic systems is environmentally friendly as it produces no emissions, no noise and is visually unobtrusive.

Solar PV systems and solar power represent one of the many renewable energy sources which, in the long term, promise great potential for electricity generation, both in industry and in households.

You can also obtain a grant from the Environmental Public Fund.

We provide competitive solutions in the implementation of solar power.

Our services include:

  • Rating of the suitability of location and calculation of your investment in PV;
  • Technical consulting;
  • Legal consulting;
  • Advise and provide you our experience in financing and insurance of your PV system;
  • Preparation of project documentation;
  • Coordination of project;
  • Supply and installation of PV equipment.

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