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We invite you to become a distributor/dealer and/or installer, thus becoming part of our international team. Together we can co-create new, successful stories.

We invite you to become a distributor/dealer and/or installer, a contracting authority for assembly, thus gaining many advantages of cooperation:

  • With help of internal and external partners we provide coverage of whole Slovenia
  • Short time period between order and execution of requested services
  • With support of our digital purchase system we provide our customers with swift and effiecent ordering as well as information on any of our products/services
  • Electronic footprint for all of the phases from accepting an order to the end of the project
  • Notifiying our customer regarding date and time of the installation as well as status and arrival of our installers.
  • The installation is photographed for customer support
  • Guarantee for quality and estetic installation
  • Partners get a discount and we cover a wide range of products
  • Technical and advertising support
  • Loyalty to our group of traders/distributors

Fill the questionnaire below and we will send you our terms of cooperation.

Inpro d.o.o Novo mesto excels because:

  • A wide range of products
  • Partner friendly discount
  • Professional training seminars and technical help
  • Support for advertising
  • Loyalty to our group of traders/distributors

We are the official representative and distributor for superior companies involved with air conditioning and heating.

We are the official representatives for:

  • Air conditioners and humidifiers Inventor
  • IR panels Vitalheizung
  • Air heaters and humidifiers Biemmedue
  • Fabric air ducts Prihoda
  • Evaporative cooling devices Portacool

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