KlimaRent® is a mobile air-conditioning, heating and ventilation system. The system works by outsourcing, whereby the user gets professionally implemented services and has lower costs, since the system ensures quality air treatment under favourable financial conditions and professional support 24/7 throughout the year. Such a business model eliminates the need for a high initial investment by the client, and the total monthly air conditioning costs are low. Air conditioning costs for existing users of the KlimaRent® system, in an average industrial plant with lending systems at an annual level, make up only one percent of the total labor costs.

KlimaRent® is the leading trademark regarding climatization for rent in Central and Southeastern Europe, as it provides a variety of products meant to control microclimate in closed spaces.

Air intake into the room

In order to provide an adequate / appropriate climate in the room, the way of bringing in fresh, cooled or warm air supply is of great importance. Air can be drawn in in various ways, thus achieving a variety of air inlets, from diffused with low speeds to targeted with high speeds and ranges. Different inlet and outlet systems are available, which are flexible to all dimensions and lengths. They are designed and produced for each project separately.

Horizontal air intake into the room

Air distribution ducts are attached to the ceiling horizontally. Cool air is evenly distributed throughout the room. This inlet method does not affect the working surfaces, and people in the room do not feel excessive and disturbing mixing or excessive intake of air.

Vertical intake

Using vertical air distribution ducts, we bring cooled air to the work surfaces or all the way to the ground. Due to the pointed air intake, the air inlet in the room is stronger. In such an air distribution some of the working area is lost.

Intake nozzels

In the event that air is supplied to the room with the help of intake nozzles, we achieve stronger and faster air inlet than in other cases. With this method, the air in the room is exchanged more quickly, the nozzles must be oriented away from the working surface or people.

Benefits of outsourcing

Financial savings

Experience has shown that the business costs of applying KlimaRent® systems are approximately equal to the opportunity costs of interest from capital invested in a fixed air conditioning system. In addition, our customer is not confronted with a high initial investment and he does not need not to worry about the maintenance and ageing of his system.

Mobility and accessibility

The technological design of our sistems enablest fast installation, which is crucial for solving urgent problems concering microclimates in buildings.


The companies we deal with understand that problems with equipment cause lost profits and uncomfortable working conditions. In the event of a potentially catastrophic failure of the equipment, we offer 24-hour customer support to provide temporary solutions to HVAC.

Telemetric control

Immediate diagnosis of functional disturbances is based on digital telemetric supervision. In practice this means that our service team can instantly detect disturbances in the functioning of the installed systems over long distances and sometimes even solve the problem using telemetric devices.

All-round/ Full support

Our customers need not to worry about the maintenance and ageing of the air-conditioning system. We offer full guarantee for proper functioning of the system including its maintenance.

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