We want to become Green Inpro and we are all increasingly aware of how vital is it to act now and decisively to protect our ENVIRONMENT. In addition to purely go green concerns, “With so many products and services to choose from, it has never been more important to differentiate yourself from the competition.

When a company makes a concerted effort to reduce its negative environmental impact that is going green. It can manifest as taking measures to reduce utility costs, to starting recycling and reusing procedural programs, to buying green products and services in the service of the company.

One of the most pervasive trends in business is the move to “Go Green”. To do that, a business must adopt more sustainable and eco-friendly business practices. This move is popular with businesses of all sizes, because it’s both - progressive and smart.

We offer you:

  • Energy switching project - The current situation in energy markets is increasingly reflected in through the dilemmas of companies on how to ensure stable conditions for the implementation of work processes. On the basis of analyses and studies, Inpro d.o.o. has prepared proposals and solutions relating to the exchange of energy products. The studies primarily concern the substitution of gas for which there is a possibility of substitution from other sources due to the lack of spare capacity and price movements on the markets in the coming years.
  • Photovoltaics - Instead, spend the money you spend on electricity on installing your own solar power plant on the roof of your house and generate your own free electricity from the sun.
  • ORC, The organic Rankine cycle (ORC) is one of the most commonly used solutions for generating electricity from low-temperature heat sources. The heat source can be natural, such as geothermal energy, or waste heat from any number of industrial waste heat sources (waste air, flue gases, water and other media). The system thus allows the sustainable use of existing heat energy that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere.
  • Absorbtion and adsorbtion proces - Waste heat can also be used to generate cooling energy for air conditioning and refrigeration. The devices used for this purpose are adsorption and absorption heat pumps, which operate similarly to heat pumps for heating, air conditioning, refrigeration. The essential difference is that absorption and adsorption devices are not driven by an electric compressor but instead use heat energy. The difference between adsorption and absorption is the material and the heat transfer process.