Technical and ecological policies and goals

Technical and ecological policy

1. Quality is the basic direction of the company. The main goal is to implement and sell quality solutions that meet customer needs and requirements.

2. Our solutions must comply fully with the requirements laid down by national and international regulations and standards. They should satisfy demanding customers and be friendly to people and the environment.

3. The quality of an undertaking also means compliance with agreed deadlines, as well as availability, competitive prices, and quality of business as a whole.

4. The quality is first and foremost the responsibility of the company's director who plans and directs all the activities for achieving quality. All of the employees in the company have their share of responsibility for quality according to their work responsibilities.

5. We are committed to continuously improving quality and reducing pollution.

6. We are committed to complying with legal requirements.

7. We provide the public with access to quality and environmental management policies.

8. The quality and environmental management system will be maintained at the level of the requirements of the international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. The management system is documented in the RULES OF PROCEDURES which are in line with the practice.


To provide comprehensive solutions regarding all aspects of air treatment in all types of facilities.

The overall quality objectives are as follows:

• Improve the quality of services;
• Improve technological processes;
• Increase the company's performance with continuous improvements, by reducing operating costs
and improving the business as a whole;

Implementation quality objectives are an integral part of the company's annual business plan.

Indicative environmental objectives are:

• Improve the quality of services;
• Reduce the consumption of natural resources;
• Reduce environmental pollution;
• Proper waste management;

Implementation objectives for environmental management are an integral part of the company's annual plan.


Straža, 15.1.2012
Boris Lavrič, director